• How to Spot Tudei Kava & Avoid a Kava Hangover
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How to Spot Tudei Kava & Avoid a Kava Hangover

Tudei kava, or two-day kava, or tuday kava. No matter how you spell it, this type of kava offers a stronger, longer lasting effect compared to noble kava. Some users enjoy the longer, heavier "kava hangover" effects while others fear it.

For approximately 48 hours, the effects of tudei kava make you feel overly sedated, followed by a few other less than positive results.

Many people say that tudei kava can give you a kava hangover. Nausea and vomiting are the most noticeable symptoms of this hangover. Some describe the effects from ignoble kava as causing mental and physical lethargy.

It also made some users suffer memory and recall problems, sleepiness, and a lack of energy for an extended period.

Knowing how to spot tudei kava to avoid a kava hangover involves first understanding what it is, what it is made of, how it is prepared and how it can be tested.

Tudei Kava Explained

Tudei kava is also called ignoble kava. It is not just one strain but multiple strains of kava that are illegal to export. But since tudei kava grows and matures relatively fast, some farmers find ways to export the product to make a quick dollar.

Only noble kava is legal for export. Noble kava comes from the piper methysticum plant, and is not considered wild.

Tudei kava, on the other hand, is is similar to the piper witchmanii plant, or wild kava plant. The chemotypes in tudei kava are twice as strong and last twice as long. This is why it has a bad reputation, as many believes it produces a kava hangover. But while some think tudei is dangerous, others enjoy its effects.

Noble kava has the specific chemotypes that give it the relaxing and calming effects desired. These effects only last for a few hours and you remain alert and awake the entire time.

Tudei chemotypes are quite different.

Tudei Chemistry

Chemotypes refer to the chemical compounds that make up kava, and these compounds are kavalactones. These are the chemicals that create the varying sedating effects kava offers.

Many report that when the flavokavain B is present, it is of ignoble quality.

According to the American Kava Association, flavokavains are much higher in ignoble kava.

High doses of flavokavains can lead to hepatoxicity. Hepatoxicity is occurs when you damage liver cells. Ignoble kava has been associated with liver problems, unlike noble kava.

Tudei Kavalactones

There are six main kavalactones and they each have a number of one through six. The first kavalactone is desmethoxyangonin. The second is dihydrokavain, third is yangonin, fourth is kavain, fifth is dihydromethysticin and sixth is methysticin.

There is a kavalactone mixture for almost every type of result you are seeking.

The kava strains that start with a 2 or a 5 are less desired because they can sometimes bring on nausea and vomiting. These are the strains associated most with tudei kava.

Kavas that begin with 4 are more desirable by those who need to remain energetic and maintain mental clarity. For those who are wanting to experience more of a sedated, relaxed effect, they choose the strains that start with a 2.

Many tudei versions have a 2 or a 5 in the first two numbers. Meaning, it will have much stronger effects and may also cause negative side effects in those who do not typically use this strand.

Some kava lovers claim kava has negative effects when people prepare kava the wrong way.

How to Spot Tudei Kava and Avoid a Kava Hangover | Root of Happiness

Tudei Harvested and Prepared

Tudei kava is harvested and prepared using the stems, leaves and bark of the kava shrub.

The stems, bark and leaves are crushed and added to water. The mixture is now strained and consumed. The leaves, stems and bark may also be crushed into a powder form, making it hard to distinguish from noble kava.

That is, until you drink it. Then the effects tell you just which type you consumed.

To be able to distinguish between the two, and avoid this kava hangover, you must test your type of strand.

Tudei Tested

Some report the cause for tudei kava lies with the flavokavain B chemical compound. Dr. Vincent Lebot developed testing methods and answers questions about kava testing. Researchers have developed a way to quickly test for this flavokavain using thin layer chromatography.

Organizations such as the American Kava Association have developed a way to test the compounds, kavalactones and flavokavains, within kava to discover which kavalactones are present.

Other testing methods include the color test. The green stems and leaves of the plant are used in Tudei kava. When mixed with solvents such as ethanol, noble kava varieties will turn a bright yellow. If it is a tudei variety, the solvents will turn any color but bright yellow.

Avoiding Tudei

Until you consume kava tea, it may be difficult to tell the difference between noble kava and tudei kava. When purchasing kava, purchase from a reputable supplier. Check the packaging of the product to see if the kava is created from the root of the plant.

Not all suppliers are honorable. Some will sell you illegally exported tudei just to make money. Therefore, choosing the right supplier is crucial. An untrustworthy kava dealer may supply you with ignoble kava and won’t worry about how your effects.

Knowing which kava you have can mean the difference between a few hours of a happy, social mood and a few days of lethargic, sedated reaction.Only accepting and sharing kava tea with good people will also help.

If you don’t know the person offering to share their kava, don’t just take their word that it is noble kava. Watch how he responds to his kava tea, then decide.

One way to ensure you get the right kava is to visit kava bars in your area known for superior customer service and products. By visiting a bar, you will receive the highest quality kava. They want you to have the very best experience while drinking kava.

They can also sell you quality kava in supplement form, powders and even food grade products. 

Take the time to do research on kava. Knowledge can help you make good decisions each time you purchase kava and ensure you are drinking noble kava that will not give you a kava hangover.

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