DAILY SPECIALS, Served all day!

Monday: One Cloud Breaker & one Polynesian Gold Shot, $15

Tuesday: One High Tide, one Hard Kava Shot, & a Lemon Honey Kava Concentrate, $15

Wednesday: One Cloud Breaker, one Low Tide, & a Hard Kava Shot, $15

Thursday: One Kavajito, one High Tide & a Lemon Honey Kava Concentrate, $15

Friday: Two High Tides & a Lemon Honey Kava Concentrate, $15

Saturday: Three High Tides, $15

Sunday: One Kava Kolada, one Hard Kava Shot & one High Tide, $15



HAPPY HOUR 4-7pm, everyday!

Cloud Breaker Shell $6

High Tide (8oz) $5

Tonic $5




 Low Tide (4oz) $4

High Tide (8oz) $7



For 3+ people. Your choice of Kava, hand squeezed in a 64 oz Tanoa bowl. The perfect group experience, $45



Provides a tasty and potent alternative to traditional Kava.

Cloud Breaker Shell, $9

Shake off those ankle busters and go for the big wave. The equivalent to 3 Low Tides with your choice of organic flavoring (Irish créme, chocolate, amaretto).

Kava Kolada, $9

A delicious wave of blended organic tropical fruits with our signature Kava.

Polynesian Gold, $8.5

A potent half ounce golden kava shot flavored with all natural Chai that will leave you on the shores of relaxation. Enjoy! 

Kavajito, $7.5

A refreshing all natural kava-infused mojito with fresh lemon, lime, mint, & basil. 

Hard Kava Shot, $5

Dive right into this sweet mix of organic mango or raspberry in our tasty house kava shot.

Lemon Honey Kava Concentrate, $5

All natural lemon, honey, and kava blended to perfection, and absorbed under the tongue.





All tonics are served in a 12oz glass, in your choice of Kombucha on tap or Guayaki Yerba Mate. Ingredients list available.

Physical Energy, $7.5

Helps maintain energy levels and increases mental and physical endurance.

Diamond Mind, $7.5

Helps to promote brain function and reduce stress.

Immunity, $7.5

Supports immune functions and support the body’s capacity to handle stress.

Wellbeing, $7.5

Stabilizes emotions & promotes a blissful state of well being & higher consciousness.

Male and Female, $7.5

Rejuvenating formula that enhances adaptability & sexual and mental energy.




Coffee, $2.5

Carefully and remotely sourced pour-over brewed coffee. 

Tea, $2.5

Your choice of over a dozen Numi Teas.

Spicy Mayan Hot Chocolate, $3

Venezuelan Dark Chocolate prepared with chili pepper & authentic Mayan spices.

Kombucha, $4

Your choice of three different Kombuchas on tap.

All Natural Sodas, $2.5

We carry a wide variety of Virgil’s natural sodas and Reed’s Ginger Beer.

Coconut Water, $3

We offer premium Taste Nirvana Coconut Water.

Energy Drinks, $3 

We carry a variety of Guayaki Yerba Mate drinks. (Has the strength of coffee, health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate).



Ask us what our menu selection is today!

While our menu is constantly changing, we are dedicated to providing our customers with high quality, all natural menu items including gluten free and vegetarian options.



We only offer the highest quality, lab tested, Kava products. All menu items are also available to go.

1/2 lb Premium Kava, $26

1oz Tincture, $25

10g Kava Concentrate, $20

Polynesian Gold, $10

Kava Chocolate Bar, $4