7 Ways to Enjoy Kava Beverages Every Day of the Week

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You work hard. All week long you complete your job duties, take care of your household chores, take care of the needs of your family and friends, and much more.

It’s no surprise you are exhausted. Drinking kava beverages is the one thing you look forward to. You know that soon after you drink it, your muscles will begin to relax, you will be clearer headed, and you will feel euphoric.

This is a much-needed break from the stressors of daily life.

Rather than just gulping down your kava tea and sitting on the couch watching television, try new ways to enjoy your kava beverages.

Below are seven ideas for you to try, one suggestion for each day of the week.

Monday: Soaking in a Warm Bath

Research has shown a warm bath has both physical and mental benefits such as improving moods, mending skin conditions, and ease pains in muscles and joints.

Soaking in a bath at your house is a terrific way to relax. But don’t just take a bath. Treat yourself to a spa-like soak. You deserve it.

Set the mood by turning down bright lights. Or, use candles for your lighting. Try using candles with soothing aromas. Turn on music. Not headbanging, loud music. Turn on soft music that makes your senses tell your brain to be mellow.

While setting the mood for your warm bath, drink your choice of kava beverages. Run your bath water at a temperature that feels soothing. Add bath salts or oils and then enjoy. While soaking, your kava tea will begin to work and add even more tranquility to your evening.

7 Ways to Enjoy Kava Beverages Every Day of the Week | Root of Happiness

Tuesday: Meditation

Meditation has been proven to improve concentration and help you clear your mind from worries. Overall, meditation helps you become more in-tuned with your mental and physical needs.

Each Tuesday, prepare your space for meditation. Pick a regular spot in your home that is uncluttered and comfortable. Turn off electronics that may distract you during your meditation.

Before beginning, take fifteen to twenty minutes to wind down. This is when you should drink your kava beverages. As you are sipping your tea, think about the purpose of your meditation, the positive goal you want to focus on. Release any negative emotions.

Kava before meditation will help you concentrate and continue to think positive thoughts.

Wednesday: Yoga

Yoga can improve breathing, metabolism, and energy. It can lengthen muscles and improve blood flow throughout the body.

Preparing for yoga is just as important as the practice of yoga. Staying hydrated, wearing comfortable clothes, and finding the right location are very important in preparing for a yoga session. Adding kava beverages to your pre-yoga activities can enhance the benefits you receive.

Many use kava when practicing yoga because the relaxation induced by kava can help you stretch your muscles farther. It can also increase your concentration on your respiratory functions and clear your mind, so you can complete your yoga routine.

Thursday: Kava Bar

The work week is almost over. Only one more day until the weekend begins. Rather than going straight home after work, stop by a kava lounge.

Kava bars and lounges are popping up around the globe and offering a nice retreat from ordinary hassles. If even for an hour or two, give yourself a much-deserved break from evening duties at home. Meet a few of your friends at the kava bar or make new friends.

Drinking kava beverages directly links to having an enjoyable time and being social. The kava experts at the bar will be able to help you find the right kava mixture for your desired effect.

Enjoying Kava With Friends | Root of Happiness

Friday: Night Out on the Town

The weekend has arrived. Go out and celebrate. Hit the town with friends. Your typical Friday night may include happy hour with friends, consuming alcohol. Then you grab a meal and later in the night you meet friends for more drinks.

This Friday, try drinking kava instead of alcohol. Kava effects can last for hours and will not give you the same buzz as alcohol. In fact, it is much better. You feel euphoric, calm and ready to socialize. What you don’t experience is impaired judgment, slurred speech and a fuzzy mind.

Alcohol and kava are completely different. Kava doesn’t even give you a hangover. This means you can start your Saturday off the right way.

Saturday: Getting Caught Up 

Saturdays are often dedicated to catching up on things that did not get done during the week. The laundry, cleaning, yard work and even paying bills.

These tasks don’t have to seem so boring. You no longer must dread the chores you are required to do to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

During your day, drink kava beverages. There are versions of kava tea that can energize you mentally and physically. It helps motivate you to get off the couch and complete the things you need to complete. And it can help you have a positive attitude while doing it.

Drinking kava on Saturday can even make that occasional uninvited guest who drops in unannounced seem okay.

Sunday: Family Get Together With Kava Beverages

Getting together with family is great. And it usually happens on Sundays around lunch time. All of you gather together for a meal and to check in on each other. Sometimes these check-ins can lead to bickering. And other times it can lead to feuds.

Avoid the feuds this Sunday by drinking kava beverages before you meet with family. While you are helping make lunch, setting the table, serving the meal or hiding out in the bathroom, drink kava.

Before you know it, you will be ready to socialize with all your parents, siblings and any extended family attending the get together.

You can enjoy drinking kava beverages every day of the week. These are just seven ways to enjoy kava. Think of all the activities you take part in each day. Think of the ones you want to enhance. Then, prepare your kava, drink it, and enjoy. Reward yourself by drinking kava.

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