Lab Tests

Since 2012, Root of Happiness has consistently performed routine 3rd party quality assurance testing of our Kava products in strict compliance with FDA cGMP protocols. In fact, in 2013, we were the fist Kava company to publicly post our lab test results on our products and have lead by example for over a decade. Using FDA registered cGLP labs and validated methods such as HPTLC, Microscopy, HPLC, and Near Infrared Spectroscopy, we perform a barrage of analyses on our products, including positive Identity testing, kavalactone and flavokavain quantification, beverage grade vs. non-beverage grade qualitative assessments, moisture content analysis and importantly, microbiological and heavy metals analyses to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality, safest kava on the market.
Root of Happiness Kava HPTLC and HPLC Lab Tests
Root of Happiness Kava KavaLytics NIR Spectra Lab Report Results
Root of Happiness Kava Heavy Metals and Microbiological lab test results

Product Lab Test Results

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Superior Vanuatu Lab Tests
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Superior Fijian Lab Tests
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