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About Our Products

Our Kava products are among the highest quality to be found anywhere and we've got the lab tests to prove it!  We have built our company on the foundation that if you are going to do it, do it right, and do it right the first time.  There are many kava vendors to choose from, but how many are familiar with and following FDA GMP laws?  Do they test their kava for potency, purity, and quality?  Is it packaged in an FDA registered GMP certified facility?  The sad fact is that many vendors simply import kava from anyone in Vanuatu or Fiji who will sell it to them, forgo the cost of testing the material for safety, and bag it in their house or office for you to buy on their websites.  Our Kava is purchased from FDA registered farms and processing facilities, imported to our FDA inspected, GMP compliant facility where it is quarantined until it is thoroughly tested and issued a full certificate of analysis from the American Kava Association.  It is then packaged in a GMP cleanroom complete with lot numbers and expiration dates, to ensure that our customers get the highest quality, FDA compliant Kava products on the market.

About Our Kava Bars

Root of Happiness Kava Bars are the World's premier Kava drinking establishments. Our bars are meticulously built and provide a beautiful, alcohol-free environment for adults 18+ to gather and celebrate the 3,000 years of culture and tradition that surround Kava Kava. We are dedicated to providing our customers with a superior kava drinking experience from our decor and ambiance, down to the pineapple chunks placed in each bowl of our premium kavas that are squeezed fresh daily. We strive to provide excellence and authenticity on every level.
If you're looking for a refreshing alternative to your current social scene, a chance to meet new community of friendly people and to try a new experience, then grab some friends and bring an open mind and a positive spirit and have a shell with us at either of our locations.

Davis, CA

Rancho Cordova, CA