Can You Get a "Kava Hangover"?

Can You Get a "Kava Hangover"?

Kava has been noted as being a good replacement drink for alcohol. This is because kava can give you the relaxed, happy feeling people often seek from alcohol. And it gives this feeling without losing mental clarity. In fact, drinking kava enhances mental clarity, unlike alcohol that alters your thinking, judgments, speech and even movements.

Because of this recommendation, people have questions about kava and its effects.

One of these common questions is if you can get a "kava hangover". Hangovers typically occur the day after drinking. Alcohol can also do damage to the body.

The more alcohol consumed, the worse the hangover effects. Therefore, people tempted to try kava want to know if it will cause a kava hangover too.

The best way to answer this question is to first learn about hangovers.

What is a Hangover?

Hangovers include a cluster of symptoms. These symptoms can include nausea, dehydration, digestion problems, headaches and even feelings of weakness. These symptoms can range in intensity from mild to severe.

Hangovers usually go away once you drink fluids, eat a healthy meal or take a few headache pills. Most hangovers make you feel like you need to stay at home and recuperate for a day. Most people with a hangover can still function at work or school.

Reports show many people in the workplace show up for work despite having a hangover. The reduction in productivity due to hangovers can cost billions of dollars each year.

If symptoms are severe, seeing a doctor may be necessary. Severe hangovers can interfere with your ability to function.

Alcohol Hangover

Alcohol can produce negative effects on the body.

Hangovers are typically associated with drinking an excessive amount of alcohol, any type of alcohol. Types can include wine, beer and liquor.

All these types of alcohol cause dehydration because they cause you to urinate more than usual. Dehydration can lead to hangover symptoms such as nausea and excessive thirsts.

Alcohol can expand blood vessels, creating headaches. It can also create more stomach acid that can lead to nausea, pains in the stomach area and even vomiting.

Another effect of alcohol can be drowsiness. In a strange twist, alcohol also reduces the quality of sleep you get. Lack of good sleep can lead to feeling exhausted, irritable and groggy.

Alcohol can inflame your immune system, leading to a lack of concentration and appetite loss. Alcohol can influence brain and gut chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine, which explains the depression you can feel when you have a hangover.

It also messes with your blood sugar levels. When your blood sugar drops, you can feel shaky and weak.

Kava Hangover

Negative side effects from kava are not common. The positive effects far outrank any negative effects associated with drinking kava. Drinking kava in excess is more likely to cause negative effects than if you drink in moderation.

Kava is considered a diuretic, but mixing it with coconut water may help ease the symptom of dehydration, usually associated with diuretics. Using a drink mix with electrolytes helps replenish any nutrients and fluids lost while drinking kava.

Kava increases the effects of medications. So, if you are on a medicine that causes you to urinate a lot, you are already on a diuretic. Therefore, expect kava to increase the dehydration effects. It is best to avoid drinking kava until you talk to your doctor.

You also need a lot less kava to reach your desired effects, unlike alcohol. And when drinking kava, you know when your limit has been reached. The less you drink, the less side affects you will notice.

Often, those who drink alcohol exceed their limit, causing them to be even more dehydrated had they stopped drinking earlier.

All in all, you can not experience a "kava hangover" from drinking kava.

Can You Get a Kava Hangover - Root of Happiness

Tudei Kava vs. Noble Kava

There is a type of kava gives effects that may last longer than other kava. 

Tudei kava comes from crushed leaves and stems of the piper methysticum plant, not from the roots, where noble kava derives.

Noble kava is made from the roots of the piper methysticum plant. The roots are pounded into powder form and dried for storage and shipping. If you can use fresh root, you will experience kava at its best. However, kava in other forms can still give you the relaxation you seek.

How to Avoid Negative Kava Effects

There are many ways to avoid negative side effects from kava.

Only drink the amount of kava you need to give you the calm, relaxing feeling you desire. There is no need to drink kava in excess.

Do not drink kava with alcohol. Alcohol creates many negative effects, including hangovers. Both are sedating and if you mix them, and these can become problems.

Do not mix kava with prescription medications. Kava increases the effects of medications and not in a positive way.

Purchase quality kava. Find a supplier who is certified through the American Kava Association, verifying the kava sold to you is legitimate. You make good efforts to avoid unhealthy food products. Do the same when picking your kava.

After drinking kava, eat a healthy meal and drink fluids such as coconut oil that has electrolytes.


Most kava drinkers do not report having a "kava hangover" after drinking kava.

Some recommend drinking kava instead of alcohol because of the mental clarity a person maintains while consuming kava. Also, drinking alcohol does not allow you to get a good night’s sleep. Without good sleep, you are more likely to have a hangover.

Kava allows you to be more open socially without behaving inappropriately like when a person drinks too much alcohol. Kava does not affect your judgment.

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