Introducing our new Premium Samoan Kava!

Introducing our new Premium Samoan Kava!

We've been extremely busy here at the Root of Happiness rolling out new products and tending to our farm.

Introducing our Premium Samoan Kava

This material comes from our newly acquired private farm in Western Samoa that has been growing kava for generations.  Some of the plants on the farm are well over 20 years old and test with a beautiful NOBLE NOBLE NOBLE chemotype of 436!  It doesn't get more noble than that folks.  We only get 50kg of this material per month so that we can sustainably grow this material for generations to come.  For every plant that we harvest, we plant 20 more in the ground!

Processing is just as important to kava quality and safety as the growing and harvesting conditions.  It is for this reason that we have built our own processing facility to properly wash, dry, and process our roots immediately following their harvest.  Since its our farm and our facility, we do things our way.  This kava is what you call "White Flesh" Kava.  It has had the outer skin meticulously removed for two reasons: 1. You are not consuming any dirt particles that were left over from cleaning, and 2. It is nearly totally devoid of the bitter, peppery components that are present in the outer skin.  The end result is a POTENT kava that is smooth and palatable to drink.

If you haven't tried this kava already, its time you make it your new favorite.

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