Knowing Your Kava Dosage: How Much Should You Consume?

Knowing Your Kava Dosage: How Much Should You Consume?

It is not likely the natives of the Pacific Islands track their kava dosage as they prepare a drink. Over time, they have developed the ability to know just how much kava works for them.

The trial and error process may be the best way to find out exactly what kava dosage is right for you too. Just like anything else, many factors go into creating the right dose. Factors such as weight, how much you have eaten before you consume kava, and how long you have been drinking it.

You will also want to take your reasons for taking kava into consideration. Are you trying to sleep better, reduce tension or just for recreational use?

But for those of you who prefer to be told a specific amount to try when first becoming a kava user.

There are general guidelines you can follow regarding a proper kava dosage. These guidelines have developed over time and no one is quite sure where they originated. However, they can be found on packaging when you buy from a quality supplier.

Kava Dosage General Guidelines

On packaging and from reports, the recommended kava dosage is no more than 300 mg a day. That means if you want to enjoy kava throughout the day, you can break the dosage down to meet your needs. If you drink it three times a day, each cup will have 100 mg of kava.

Other reports create a dose using one heaping tablespoon of kava for every half a cup of water. Because kavalactones are the reason for the affects you feel after drinking kava, it is important to determine the percentage in each serving.

General guidelines will tell you to avoid taking kava if you are on prescription medications such as anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medication. It is also important to know which type of kava you have, noble or ignoble.

Noble kava is good kava that produces positive mental and physical reactions. Ignoble kava, on the other hand, is banned for export because of its negative side effects.

Ignoble kava is made from stems and leaves, not roots, of the kava plant. This type of kava can cause you to experience nausea, vomiting and if used long-term, has been connected to toxicity in the liver.

Noble kava is taken directly from the root of the kava plant and offers many positive effects for the user. Obtaining noble kava is easy if you find a superior kava supplier who is certified by the American Kava Association.


The active ingredients that create the symptoms associated with kava come from kavalactones. These are extracted from the kava root. They consist of thirteen strands and when combined, create varying affects.

It is good to purchase your kava based on the percentage of kavalactones you receive per serving. Quality kava percentage can range from three to twenty percent kavalactone, with twenty percent producing the strongest affect.

For a light kava dosage, look for a kavalactone percentage of between fifty and seventy milligrams. The higher the dose you consume, the faster the affects appear. It can take between twenty and thirty minutes for you to begin seeing results.

The average kava drink can last between three and six hours, peaking around the third hour. If you consume too much kava, you could feel affects for ten or more hours after consumption.

Reverse Tolerance

Sometimes kava can create a strange affect, or lack of affect, for those who are just beginning to consume kava. It is called reverse tolerance.

Reverse tolerance refers to the inability to feel the effects of kava during your first time, or first few times, of use. Some say a person needs a build-up of kava in their system before you can feel the full effects of kava.

For each kava drinker, reverse tolerance will be different, if it happens at all. Two people can consume the exact same amount of kava for the first time. One may experience the feel-good sensations associated with kava, while others may feel nothing.

Kava Dosage | Root of Happiness


There have been no known overdose deaths associated with drinking kava. In over three thousand years of consumption, there have not been any deaths related to drinking too much kava. That is significant.

But just because no one has overdosed, it doesn’t mean people have not had too much kava.

Drinking too much kava can cause you to feel more sedated than normal. Drinking too much kava can sometimes cause you to have a groggy feeling the next day. Not necessarily like a hangover from alcohol, but still fuzzy headed and tired.

What is Your Goal?

To determine the right kava dosage for you, it can be good to decide what you want to happen. Which of the many benefits do you wish to achieve?

For instance, if your goal is to get a good night’s sleep, you may want to take between 150 and 210 milligrams of kava. If you want to stay awake but want to relax from a hard day’s work, you may want to consume 100 milligrams of kava or less.

If you are looking to relieve tension, 300 mg of kava are recommended for consumption. It has been noted that those who drink kava on a consistent basis often have two or three drinks a day, with each ranging from 100 to 300 milligrams of kavalactones in each drink.

How to Take Kava

If you are not one who likes to drink tea, taking a kava capsule could be the best option. Supplements are pre-measured doses that make it easy for you to consume.

If you prefer drinking kava tea, purchase kava from a supplier who has a good reputation for providing noble kava. Noble kava has the best combination of kavalactones and is extracted from the best strands of the piper methysticum roots.

Kava also comes in a paste form, in liquid drinks, and even as candy.

Drink kava for at least four weeks before deciding if it is right for you. It can take this long for your body to adjust to kava. After a month, you should be noticing the full effects and benefits of kava. These can include relaxation of muscles, an overall happy feeling, and mental awareness.

Many people drink kava daily and experience only positive results. It is a wonderful way to relax at the end of the day. It is a much better option over drinking alcohol, which alters the mind and can cause long-term damage and even addiction.

Kava does just the opposite, even when used regularly. Finding the right kava dosage for you can be a fun learning experience. For thousands of years people have been finding the best dose on their own. With no known overdoses, damage or negative effects, finding the kava dosage for you can be achieved without worry.

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