Kava Bar - Roseville California - Root of Happiness

Kava Bar Roseville California

A modern, chic, yet authentic Kava Bar has landed in Roseville

Modern materials such as polished concrete counter tops, exposed brick and reclaimed barn wood blend seemlessly with traditional tiki statues and hand made rustic tables. The fusion of modern elements perfectly paired with the timeless traditions of the South Pacific provide an ambiance like no other Kava Bar. The prominent 4'W X 8’H Polynesian cultural mural pays homage to the Marquesan people who brought kava with them during their original 2,000 mile voyage to the Big Island of Hawaii over 1,600 years ago. The Hawaiians have since stewarded these varieties of kava and undoubtedly created their own, many of which we serve fresh daily in our bars today!

Drink, Relax and Enjoy!

Two large Hawaii Tiki's pop out from the historic exposed brick to oversee the room and protect the Kava vibe. Photo-realistic murals of Kava patches growing on idyllic Polynesian landscapes envelope the bar and transform the space into a tropical paradise. Polynesian elements are tastefully expressed throughout the bar from the 1900's style Island travel posters to more subtle details such as hand carved Marquesan trims. You will appreciate the ambiance and vibe that we've seated at this location and above all, you'll certainly enjoy the authentic fresh  green Hawaiian Kava that we serve daily. The Root of Happiness Kava Bar Roseville location is the premier modern yet authentic Kava bar in North America. If you’re in the Roseville area, stop in and have a shell with us!