Kava Bars

Root of Happiness Kava Bars are the World's premier Kava bars.  Our bars provide a beautiful, alcohol free environment for adults 18+ to socialize and celebrate the culture and tradition of Kava Kava. Root of Happiness is founded upon providing a superior social environment that did not revolve around high energy dance music and alcohol. We looked far and wide for a more sophisticated alternative and since we couldn't find one, we built our own. Root of Happiness Kava bars have quickly became known as the healthier, more intellectual, relaxing alternative to the Sacramento bar, club, and hookah scene. We welcome you to experience Kava culture at one of our bars.
 If you're tired of the bar scene and are looking for a more relaxing alternative to meet new people and try a new experience, then grab some friends and come to the Root of Happiness.  Bring an open mind and a positive spirit and have a shell with us at either of our locations.

Davis, CA

Rancho Cordova, CA