How to Find Your Zen With Kava

How to Find Your Zen With Kava

Finding your Zen sounds luxurious, almost heavenly. Just hearing the word “Zen” brings to find thoughts of relaxation and rest. Yes, that is what you want. That is what you need. It's important to be able to find your zen, and know the different techniques to do so.

Your day is full of stress. From the time you wake up to the time you fall asleep, your mind is constantly overloaded with the many activities you must complete throughout the day. You wake up thinking about your work schedule, getting the kids to school, driving through traffic and how your boss or co-workers will treat you.

After work, you think about what you will cook for supper once you drive once again through heavy traffic to pick up the kids from school. When you get home, you must clean up, do laundry, help with homework and finish any work you couldn’t complete during the day.

When you finally get to bed you realize you haven’t even had a chance to bathe. So, you take a quick shower, sleep for a few hours and do it all again the following day.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, then you need to find your Zen. First, let’s discuss what the term Zen really means.

What is Zen?

This is not the easiest answer because Zen can mean many things to many people. Overall, it is a way of being. It is a state of mind that is reached through total focus.

Closely associated with Buddhism, Zen is compared to enlightenment gained through meditation. It’s a process of connecting mind and body to achieve a greater learning of the meaning of your life.

How to Find Your Zen With Kava | Root of Happiness

How Does Kava Help You Find Your Zen?

The best way to reach Zen for beginners or for advanced meditators is with the use of kava. Keep reading to learn how kava kava can help you find your Zen.

Relaxes the Body

Tension in the body can prevent you from focusing completely on reaching Zen. If you are tense, you will focus on the area of tension and nothing else.

For instance, if there is tightness in your neck, or a muscle spasm in your neck due to stress, you are likely to only focus on that pain when you are attempting meditation.

Drinking kava releases that muscle tension so you can find your zen and focus on being enlightened instead.

Aids in Mental Awareness

Kava is great in that it relaxes your body but allows you to maintain mental alertness. In fact, some claim kava makes the more aware of themselves and their surroundings.

In ancient times, village leaders in the South Pacific used kava to open their minds so the Gods could speak more clearly to them. They wanted to be able to hear what the Gods offered them, and they did this by drinking kava.

Being more mental alert does not mean you will be more aware of your stressors. Just the opposite. Combining kava and meditation can help you cleanse your mind so you are open for positivity.

Makes You Feel Happy

You cannot find your Zen if you are in a negative mood. The two just do not go together. If you are feeling negative from the day’s stressors, drink kava before practicing meditation.

Kava has been proven to make you have pleasing thoughts. It also makes you feel peaceful and tranquil. Users also claim kava makes you feel a good will towards others and yourself.

These are exactly the feelings you need before beginning your journey to Zen.

Helps You Slow Down

Finding your Zen can mean slowing down your mind and body. It is not healthy to be in a constant state of go, go, go. Your body needs time to recuperate. The best way to do this is by getting a good night’s sleep.

There are varieties of kava that offer a stronger effect to help you get rest through sleep. This allows your brain to heal your body during the important stages of sleep, especially deep sleep.

Kava can help your mind and body relax just long enough to allow for healing.

Helps Develop Rituals and Simplicity

Zen can be found by incorporating rituals into your routine. Your goal of Zen is to find inner simplicity while living in a complex world.

Preparing kava is a ritual. Over time, you will start to feel the stress leaving your body while you are preparing your kava. Then relaxation will continue over several hours. Following kava preparation immediately with meditation can set you up for good mental and physical health.

You deserve to benefit from using kava to help you find your Zen.

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