Making Kava a Part of Your Meditation Practice

Using Kava For Meditation Practice | Root of Happiness

Mindfulness, Qigong, Zen, Metta and Mantra meditations are just a few types of meditation practice to help you find peace and calm.

Meditation has been shown to use breathing to relax the mind and body. It is also used to focus on positive thoughts that can replace negative ones. Doing so gives you a more positive outlook on life and helps you handle life’s obstacles.

To practice meditation, you must first have a reason for meditating. Do you want to relax? Or do you want energy? Do you want enhanced concentration and focus? There is a meditation practice for just about any need you may have.

It is important to pick the right technique for your need. If not, you may become energetic when trying to get rest and vice versa.

There is one way to improve your meditation practice. That is with the use of kava.

Why Use Kava With Your Meditation Practice?

Kava has been around for centuries and has been used by the people of the Pacific Islands, as well as people around the world, to produce a relaxed, calm mood. Research shows it boosts dopamine in the brain. These are the feel-good chemicals that make your brain feel rewarded.

Kava allows you to feel good, but does not alter your mind or mental clarity. In fact, many claim kava makes you more aware and more enlightened.

Welcoming positive thoughts that both kava and meditation can bring to your mind, enhances your overall well-being. Positive thinking has been linked to improved health, both emotionally and physically.

Kava also relaxes the muscles in your body, enabling you to stretch longer when practicing yoga. In massage, it allows tension to escape for deep tissue relief.

Below are different kinds of meditation practice that when combined with kava, give you a greater experience before, during and after your session.

Guided Meditations

Guided meditations do exactly what their name implies; they guide you through steps to your goal. Some people use this technique for relaxation. Others use it for recognizing pain in the body or change your way of thinking from negative to positive.

You can choose from body scans, affirmation, self-hypnosis, or even guided imagery to help you attain the state of relaxation and concentration you need.

Mantra Meditation

Repeating syllables or words to keep you from being distracted is why mantra meditation works so well. By focusing on the sounds you are repeating, your mind is prevented from wandering.

Once you choose the sound or words you want to repeat, all you must do is find a comfortable place to sit and then begin your mantra. There are specific religions associated with using mantra meditation the most. However, you can adapt this technique to fit your preference.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness | Root of Happiness

Mindfulness is very popular meditation practice today, with good reason. It trains your brain to not get attached to negative situations or events. And it can be practiced any place, any time.

For example, if you have a family member who likes to speak negatively towards you, mindfulness can teach you to maintain a healthy, positive attitude despite their negative behaviors.

Mindfulness helps you feel good will towards others, even those who do not feel the same about you. This can lead to a level of love and kindness, for yourself and for others. It can also help you have a grateful and joyful outlook on life.

Some claim Vipassana and Mindfulness are related, maybe even the same. Both help you focus on your breathing to obtain a great insight into your life and the world around you.

Yogic Meditation

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, over 20 million adults practice yoga each year, just in the United States. And over 1 million children practice this technique. It has become a widely accepted form of alternative healing.

There are many types of yoga, some of which are general therapy and others are used to address specific problems in the mind, body or spirit.

Some of the types include gazing, chakra, tantra, third-eye and self-inquiry. Through movements and breathing exercises, you can address emotional and physical needs. There is also a deep spiritual connection for those who practice yoga.

Zen Meditation

Sometimes done with the instruction of a Zen Master, this technique is all about observing the thoughts going through your mind and the sensations going through your body. You are simply observing them, though, not reacting to them.

Zen meditation can help you become aware of the needs of your physical, emotional and spiritual states.

Most Zen meditations are done while sitting in a comfortable position, on a comfortable cushion or mat. However, there is also a walking version of Zen meditation you can do where you alternate your steps with your breaths.

How to Add Kava to Your Meditation

Kava can be taken in different forms before your meditation practice. One of the best ways is to drink it as a tea. Purchase only the best noble kava powder. You can mix the powder with water and strain the liquid into a cup.

Drink the liquid within a half hour before your meditation. This allows more than enough time for the kava to begin relaxing your mind and welcoming positive thoughts.

You will notice your muscles relaxing, allowing you to sit or move in positions that increase oxygen flow to all areas of your body.

You will experience positive feelings toward yourself and others. Stress and tension will leave the body and you will be able to practice your meditation practice with a greater focus.

Kava awakens the mind, increases concentration and gives you an overall good feeling. By taking these benefits of kava and adding them to the practice of meditation, you will be able to develop your ability to become self-aware.

You will be able to focus on what your mind is thinking and what your body is feeling. From there, you can take steps to fix those thoughts and feelings. Over time, your level of joy will increase, helping you enjoy the life you have been given.

Kava plus meditation can help you attain inner love and outward love. It can also help you to better receive love from others. This type of peace is something everyone deserves.

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