What to Know About Kava Supplements and Products

What to Know About Kava Supplements and Products | Root of Happiness

You may have been hearing a lot about kava lately. Kava supplements and products are in demand and are becoming popular around the world for many reasons. 

If you are interested in trying kava for the first time, there are a few guidelines to help you get the most from your experience. Knowing what you are about to put into your body is one. Knowing why you want to use kava is another.

Other guidelines include where to try kava for the first time and in what form should you try it. Keep reading to find out more about these guidelines so you can enjoy kava supplements the way they are meant to be enjoyed.

What is Kava?

Kava is extracted from the root of the piper methysticum plant that grows in the South Pacific Islands. Farmers harvest the plant and take only the best parts of the root for consumption.

There are some farmers who try to provide kava of less quality.

To avoid receiving poor kava supplements and products, make sure you are buying only noble kava from reputable suppliers. Noble kava is the highest quality kava available. It is legal to export, unlike other types of kava root products. Types of kava are often broken down into specific groups.

In fact, there are over 100 varieties of kava root. Each is made of compounds that create the affects you feel when drinking it.

What Makes Kava Work?

Kavalactones are the compounds found in kava supplements. These are the ingredients that determine the intensity of the drink. Combinations of kavalactones produce different effects. Sometimes the higher the kavalactones, the more uplifted your mood can be.

Other combinations can produce higher levels of sedation.

For your first-time use, it is suggested you pick a product with around 200 milligrams of kavalactones.

Some suggest even starting out with less, perhaps around 100 milligrams, and increasing once you know how it will affect you.

Before you decide exactly how much kava to take, it is important for you to determine why you want to take it.

Why Take Kava Supplements?

You may have just one reason for trying kava or you may have several reasons.

If you get nervous when in social situations, kava can help relax you. Consuming kava makes you feel calm without losing mental clarity. Even more, you have an overall good will towards other people.

This can lead to positive social interactions.

Kava helps promote and maintain relaxation. It has been proven to have a calming effect, reducing everyday tensions.

The body releases negative hormones due to you feeling overwhelmed, and can ultimately create negative reactions. These may include showing signs of aging earlier than expected, gaining unwanted weight and feelings of frustration.

Your reason for taking kava will determine how much kava you take and what dose will work best for your need. It may also help you decide how to take kava.

How to Take Kava?

Kava comes in many forms. There are kava supplements, powders, concentrates, and even lotions and oils. For your first time using it, you have several options.

To get the most authentic experience, powdered kava may be the way to go. With the powdered kava, you will have to do a little bit of work to extract the kava to drink.

Learn how what your kava dosage is. After deciding your dose, you will mix water with kava powder in a blender. Once blended, you will need to strain the liquid from the mixture. It is this mixture you will drink. After about a half hour or less, you will feel relaxed and happy.

The easiest way to take kava is in the form of capsules or instant mix. There is no other work for you to do, just take the capsules as directed. Or, quickly prepare the instant mix and consume.

The most time-consuming method involves starting with the root itself. You will need to extract kava from the root by pounding it down into pieces. Once in pieces, then you mix it with water, strain the liquid and then drink the strained liquid.

Even though it is the most time-consuming method, starting with the root gives you the full experience of preparing and enjoying a kava drink.

Where you buy your kava is just as important as how you drink it.

Where to Get Kava?

Kava is accessible online from many suppliers. It is also available in kava bars and in alternative nutrition stores. There are characteristics of a supplier you can research to help you make your decision as to where to get it.

Read reviews of the companies who supply kava. See what others are saying about their experience with each company. Get feedback from customers. Ask the company for references.

Doing just a little bit of research can tell you a lot about the supplier. Find out where they get the kava they are selling to you. Do they source directly from kava farmers who pride themselves on extracting the best kava?

Find out what type of kava the supplier provides. Noble kava is of the highest quality, from the best strands of the kava root. Farmers make special efforts to extract noble kava that is to be sold to the public.

Are the suppliers certified by organizations such as The American Kava Association? How do they test the products they sell to the public? How are they regulated?

As a first-time kava consumer, it is up to you to gather as much information as possible.

Choosing the right kava to drink for your first time is just as important. Do your research, make a choice, and enjoy the experience.

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