Surprising Ways to Use Kava In The Cosmetic Industry

Surprising Ways to Use Kava In the Cosmetic Industry | Root of Happiness

Kava has multiple benefits. Its popularity is on the rise today because of the multiple ways to use kava. These applications include the food and beverage industries, as well as the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

If you search online for products using kava as an ingredient, you will find many different items. Some have kava as a secondary ingredient, some have it as the main ingredient.

Why are so many companies adding kava to their products? The main reason may be due to its relaxing properties. For example, companies want their lotions to not only make your skin smooth, but they want it to relax you also.

Or, pharmaceutical companies are realizing that natural and alternative ingredients can provide just as many relaxing benefits, if not more, than the man-made solutions. And with less worry of negative side effects.

Understanding the chemistry and pharmacology can help you understand the many ways to use kava, and why it is so popular in these industries.

Kava Chemistry

The chemistry of kava has been researched since the 1800s. Studies involving humans and animals have been conducted to discover the effects of kava when used in varying doses.

Early on, researchers found why kava works. The benefits of kava exist because of kavalactones. The amount of kava that produces positive effects is between 200 and 300 milligrams. At this dose, slight sedation occurred.

Isolation of two main kavalactones offers appropriate uses of kava. These two compounds are methysticin and dihydromethysticin, according to the American Botanical Council

Different forms of kava can produce different effects. Kava produces a relaxation without the sedated, foggy minded state.

Kava can be taken without the worry of tolerance build up. Meaning, a person will not have to increase the dose of kava to get results over time, as they would with other medications.

Pharmaceutical Demand

Being unable to relax or feel calm is one of the nation’s leading problems today. When someone can’t relax, they may constantly feel nervous for no reason.

Some people feel panic, phobias and overall, everyday stress. 

Stress can cause digestive problems, headaches, and insomnia. It can also lead to heart disease. Stress has been linked to respiratory problems, as well as cardiovascular, central nervous, sexual and immune problems.

The traditional treatment for these is a medicine created in a lab. These are typically man-made and help to ease worry and stress.

There are other, more natural ways to help ease tension and maintain relaxation. Kava has been shown in studies to have such benefits.

Kava is not only in demand in the pharmaceutical industry. It is also desired in the cosmetic industry.

Cosmetic Demand

Kava has multiple topical uses within the cosmetic industry. Kava has ingredients like kavalactones, water, fiber, minerals and protein that make it desirable in the health and beauty field.

Some cosmetic companies are using kava in their skin care products. Because it promotes relaxation, cosmetic companies feel it helps ease everyday tension, reducing tension lines. 

Science has shown a direct link from limited sleep to many issues including weight gain, poor concentration and lethargy. Because kava offers a relaxed state of mind, cosmetic companies are using it to reduce tension for a good night’s sleep.

Kava is becoming very popular in products used by those in the bodybuilding industry. Bodybuilders note when their muscles are relaxed, they can train more effectively. 

Drink mixes are a popular and trendy way that many users, including bodybuilders, use kava. Outside of bodybuilding, you can find kava in a wide array of products.

Kava Products

Many individuals and companies are getting creative with the ingredients they add to both cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. These products include shampoos, lotions, and supplements. Some companies have even created kava cola, kava candy, and kava chocolate.

Essential oils and rubs have also been created for market. They come in the form of sprays, candles, balms and salves.

The demand for kava will likely increase in the coming years due to the evidence showing it has both pharmaceutical and cosmetic properties. That, accompanied by the fact that it is not addictive and does not have side effects, makes kava even more desirable.

Importance of Research

Therefore, it is important for you to do research on the products and the companies before making a purchase. What type of kava do they use? Companies should sell only noble kava that they legally import.

Where do they buy their kava? It should be from reputable farmers in the South Pacific.

Advertising is another area that can be misleading to lure you to buy a kava product.

One way to know you are getting the correct dosages is to buy from kava dealers who are certified by the American Kava Association. They sell noble kava, which is the best quality and have broken down the dosage information to provide you with recommendations on how much to use.

Kava bars are another way to make sure you are getting the right dose. Kava bar owners are experts in how to take kava. They can even prepare it for you to ensure you get the right amount.

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