Regaining Physical and Emotional Balance With Kava

Regaining Physical and Emotional Balance With Kava

Physical and emotional balance is important in everyday life. As everyday stressors of life influence you, you start to lose this balance. Emotional balance is the ability to maintain equilibrium, especially during trying or challenging times. Once faced with emotional pain, it's common for individuals to experience physical pain as well. By maintaining this balance, not only will you be more susceptible to change, but your quality of life will increase as well. 

One way to regain physical and emotional balance is with the use of kava. Kava is root harvested from a plant native to Polynesia. While it’s known for it’s sedative effects, the combination of vitamins and minerals make it a great herbal treatment for a number of disorders.


How Kava Promotes Physical and Emotional Balance

Because of kava's many benefits, it is becoming increasingly popular. Many agree that the use of kava significantly helps to promote relaxation to regain this balance.

Here are a few of the ways that including kava extract as a part of a sensible diet and exercise regimen can ease and maybe even eliminate some of your physical and emotional woes. 


A Great Anti-Inflammatory

Many people who use kava report that it helps ease various bodily aches and pains. From the stress created on the back from sitting in front of a computer all day to minor aches in the legs, a daily dose of the extract is said to relax muscles and prevent cramping. A dose of extract in green tea or any other non-alcoholic beverage you enjoy will do the trick. Using kava can not only help to regain physical balance, but but doing so, it helps with emotional balance as well.


Easing Tension

People who have a lot of stress in their lives sometimes like to add kava extract to liquids or to take a dose using a spoon. One of the more commonly known qualities of kava is the sedative effect. The nice thing is that while it does help drain the tension and everyday stress away, it does not dull the mental processes. Thanks to that attribute, kava is a wonderful way to ease physical and emotional tension without getting that cloudy minded feeling. 

Regaining Physical and Emotional Balance With Kava | Root of Happiness

Helping With Everyday Stressors

People who suffer terribly from everyday stressors but don’t tolerate prescription medication well might want to try kava extract. Among those who prefer to manage their conditions using herbal supplements, the kava is often touted as a wonderful way to slow the mind racing that’s so common after a long day filled with stressors. This is because kava allows both the body and the mind to relax, without feeling sedated or groggy. It allows you to take deeper breaths, enjoy the company around you, and helps to promote deep relaxation. This relaxation in turn promotes physical and emotional balance when consuming kava.  


More Restful Sleep

Nothing is quite as maddening as crawling into bed and finding that sleep is elusive. For people who can’t seem to settle down and get to sleep, kava a half-hour or so before bedtime could help. Enthusiasts report that along with helping ease tension in the muscles, the extract makes it easier to stop replaying the days activities over and over in the mind and drift off to a deep and recuperative night’s rest. Because your mind, and your body is relaxed and at rest, you can enter a more soothing sleep with kava. 


Dealing With Mild Despondence 

There are many reasons why an individual feels despondent. The condition creates a sense of muted emotions, lethargy, and in general having no zest for life. It can be enough to make life pretty tough. Many people find that using kava to get through the difficult weeks and months after the event helps immensely. While it doesn’t make the pain go away completely, the emotional balance that the extract can provide makes it easier to cope, heal, and eventually be able to move on. 


Recovery From Surgery

Any type of invasive surgery does mean additional stress on the body. During the recuperative phase, there can be quite a bit of discomfort. Kava is used in a number of cultures to soothe the trauma the body recently experienced and ease that discomfort. With carefully measured doses recommended by a professional herbalist, it’s possible to enjoy some respite from the stiffness, general fatigue, and soreness while the healing process is underway. The improvement of physical balance helps to regain emotional balance as well.

Kava has many benefits, and they include physical and emotional balance. This in turn can help to ease everyday tension, promote greater sleep, and improve overall quality of life. 

As with any type of natural or herbal supplement, be aware that interactions with other herbs or prescription medication is possible with kava. Talk with a medical professional who is knowledgeable about those potential interactions. Know the signs that a negative interaction is taking place. Doing so enhances the odds that you will enjoy all of the benefits associated with kava. It helps to ensure you still get the most benefit from the other supplements or medications you take as well.

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