What Is Kava?

What Is Kava? | Root of Happiness

Wouldn’t it be nice to find a way to reduce stress without having to see a doctor who will usually offer prescription medication as a solution? Well, now you can. With Kava, you can decrease everyday stress and tension. But what is Kava, and how does it help with stress?

Stress is linked to heart disease, obesity and psychological problems like anxiety and panic. In fact, in recent research, over 40 million Americans reported having anxiety related disorders.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, this means almost 18 percent of Americans have generalized anxiety or panic disorders.

If left untreated, tension and stress can damage your body, your relationships, your job and all other areas of your life. Finding ways to cope with stress and anxiety is essential.

Today, stress is dealt with through many negative actions. Some choose to obtain a diagnosis from a mental health or medical doctor. Others choose to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol. Yet still others choose not to deal with their issues at all.

The good news, there are holistic and natural ways to help you cope with everyday stress and tension. Kava drinks are one of these ways of reducing tension, but what is Kava? It is becoming popular as a new, less harmful method of promoting relaxation.

What Is Kava?

Kava is recognized as an alternative supplement to help you reduce tension and promote relaxation, as well as many other medical ailments. 

Learning all you can about this option will help you decide if this drink is right for you. You will find that Kava is simple, even when it comes to ingredients.


Kava root and water. That’s it. Two ingredients to make a drink that can resolve multiple problems.

The Kava root comes from a tropical shrub that is a member of the black pepper family. The shrub has big heart shaped leaves and is easy to recognize in the Pacific Islands.

Kava is extracted from the roots of the tropical shrub, which typically look like hairy branches. The roots are dried and crushed into powder form. It is then mixed with water or a type of milk. Today, it is mostly found in powder form.

Kavalactones are the known active ingredients in these drinks. These are known to create the anti-stress and muscle relaxation effects described by users.

While this drink is becoming popular today, it is not new. Although it's recent popularity, Kava was discovered long ago.

Kava Kava Origins

Kava has been around for thousands of years. It is naturally sourced in areas such as Hawaii, Fiji, Samoa and other beautiful Pacific Islands. It was a drink taken by Islanders before rituals or ceremonies.

Many believe kava was first found in Vanuatu and then spread to the rest of the Islands. They even state it is the purest and most potent.

While this may be true, there are many companies today who offer pure varieties.

People who drink Kava, usually do so to alleviate a pain or discomfort.

Uses of Kava

Tension and stress are the top reasons people drink Kava.

Researchers have narrowed down the types of kavalactones. It attaches to mood receptors and helps promote relaxation while reducing everyday tension.

Kavain is also responsible for the quick reactions of the drink. Meaning, within thirty minutes or less, you will feel the effects of your tea.

Other uses of kava include supporting the body's response to every pain, especially where inflammation is the cause. Kava has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, helping to ease everyday tension pain such as headaches.

According to Organic Facts, Kava can help you reduce cravings for cigarettes and food. This may happen because when you feel stressed, you tend to want to smoke, overeat or participate in other negative behaviors.

Kava reduces stressors. Therefore, it removes the trigger that leads to the craving. Furthermore, kava relaxes muscles without interfering with the thinking process. This is opposite of how synthetic pharmaceuticals work.

Prescription medicines such as anti-depressants or benzodiazepines alter the brain to achieve physical relaxation. They can also be addictive and create additional problems due to side effects associated with synthetic drugs. 

Kava helps to increase serotonin and dopamine in the brain. It sends feel good messages to neurotransmitters that tell the brain and body to relax, be happy and do not worry. This allows a person to get the right amount of sleep without aches, pains or stressors.

How to Make It

Fortunately, we can easily access Kava today. We can purchase it in powder or supplement form and simply follow instruction provided. The key is to purchase the purest quality of Kava and ensure it's sourced from reputable suppliers.

Kava can be made as a tea, hot or cold. Many recommend the tea not reach a temperature of over 120 degrees Fahrenheit. And if you plan to drink it cold, it is beneficial to let it sit in the refrigerator overnight to achieve the best flavor and effectiveness.

Final kava preparation includes straining the tea so that you are only drinking the liquid, not the dried root pieces or dried powder.

Other methods of making it include a kneading method. You can also use tea bags to steep in hot water for about ten minutes.

There are even some who prefer to substitute water for a milk base. Some choose soy milk or cow’s milk to give it more flavor.

Get to Know Your Kava

The effects of Kava Kava can differ from person to person. The dose you need may be much less than your friend’s kava dosage.

It is up to you to know just how much it takes to achieve your desired results. Following the guidelines given by your Kava supplier is a great starting point in determining the amount right for you.

Body weight, gender and metabolism are three things that can change how it effects your body. Make sure you adjust the amount suitable for your needs.

Whether you are dealing with stress and anxiety, weight problems or insomnia, kava can help. This is an alternative and holistic way to achieve better health without the negative side effects of prescription pills.

A proven method for thousands of years, Kava benefits the entire body. You no longer must sacrifice mental clarity to be free of anxiety or pain.

Kava is becoming very popular today for one reason, it works.

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