How to Prepare Kava

How to Prepare Kava | Root of Happiness

Are you ready to start drinking kava? You probably have heard by now that drinking kava helps you feel calm and relaxed. It also gives you a happy outlook towards others and about life in general. It does all of this without the risk of addiction or negative side effects. If you are ready to try kava, you may have found yourself wondering how to prepare kava.

There are several steps to preparing kava the right way for the best results. As you will read, preparing kava has advanced in more recent years. We'll explore how to prepare kava the traditional way, and through modern day techniques.

How to Prepare Kava Traditionally

Back in the day, those who made kava followed strict guidelines. Female virgins were given the task of chewing the root of the kava plant into a pulp. They would then spit it onto a leaf and pour water over the leaf and pulp.

The liquid that was strained through the leaf is what the South Pacific Islanders would drink. This process took place before rituals and ceremonies. It was used to make everyone in attendance feel relaxed and loving towards one another.

This was one step used to ensure everyone enjoyed the celebration.

Fortunately, the kava making process has been modernized.

Modern Ways of Preparing Kava

More recent processing makes kava accessible on a larger scale. Not to mention you don’t have to drink the germs of the person chewing and spitting.

Today, farmers harvest kava root from the plant known as piper methysticum. They make sure to separate noble kava from ignoble kava. Noble kava is the strains that are of the best quality. These strains offer the best effects.

Once the noble kava has been sourced, the farmers use tools to pound and grind the root into powder form. The powder form is then made into easy to use products.

Kava Products

Kava can be purchased by quality suppliers around the world. The easiest use and preparation of kava is in supplement form. The kava powder fills clear capsules and you simply swallow the capsules when ready to experience the effects.

Some buyers purchase kava in the form of a paste or gel. Others opt for kava in candies or tinctures.

The most popular and often called the most effective way to prepare kava is in a tea for drinking. It can be purchased in traditional grind, micronized or instant formulas.

Many people are unsure how to prepare kava, and it's recommended that they follow all directions, especially when it comes to the dosage.

Tools and Ingredients

Like any other recipe, you need to first make sure you have the right tools to complete the process. The tools needed for making kava include a good mesh strainer, one that will not let fibers or powders pass through it, only the liquid.

There are many options for strainers, from socks to specialty ones made just for use with kava.

You will need two bowls, one for the water in which you will immerse your mesh strainer filled with kava. The other bowl is for collecting the strained liquid.

Water will be needed to mix with the fibers or powder. The temperature of the water is an essential part. If the water is too hot, your kava drink will lose important kavalactones. Also, hot water can make the taste of the kava worse.

Kavalactones are what make kava produce desired effects when ingested. Getting the temperature of the water right can ensure you get the best results.

Finally, you need your choice of kava. You can choose traditional grind kava for your recipe. This type is more fibrous and will need to be kneaded while in the mesh strainer. Kneading the kava will force the kavalactones through the strainer and into the liquid.

Kavalactones are not typically water soluble.

If you don’t want to use traditional kava, you can purchase micronized or instant kava. All the processing of the powder has been prepared for you. All you must do is mix and drink.

How to Prepare Kava Beverages Today

Now that you have the tools necessary to make your kava drink, it is time to prepare your beverage.

If you are preparing traditional kava, take the recommended amount of kava, usually two to three tablespoons, and put it in your mesh strainer. Immerse the mesh strainer in your bowl of water and knead the mixture with your fingers.

You will need to knead for about fifteen minutes, pressing hard to make sure the powder is mixing with the water.

A liquid should drain from the mesh bag into a bowl or cup. This liquid is what you will drink. You may also repeat this process for what is called a second washing.

If you are preparing instant or micronized kava, simply pour the recommended dose into a cup filled with water, stir well and drink.

Alternative Add-ins

There are noble versions of kava that have a mild, nice flavor. Other versions are not so tasty.

You may find the taste of your kava drink to be less desirable than you imagined. If this is the case, do not worry. There are alternative ways to prepare kava so that it has a better taste. There are many different kava recipes to try to improve the taste of your kava drinks.

Some users suggest mixing the kava powder with organic milk. Others claim the more fat in the milk, the better the taste. Therefore, they recommend using coconut or almond milk.

Protein powders are often used to make kava drinks by bodybuilders and other athletes.

Chasing your kava drink with lemons, limes, oranges or another citrus fruit can also make drinking kava more pleasant.

You may also want to try this kava brew recipe.

Drink mixes may be frowned upon by natives who follow the rules of ancient kava drinking. But in modern times, it has become more accepted.

The one thing you do not want to mix with kava is alcohol.

Now that your kava beverage is made, it is time to enjoy its benefits. Recommendations for consuming kava include drinking it quickly, as if you were taking a shot of whiskey.

Because kava makes you feel calm, relaxed and happy, it is a great drink for social activities.

The more you practice making kava, the better you will get. Before long, you will know the exact dose that tastes good and relaxes you.

You will soon discover that kava is a fantastic way to ease your tension and promote a positive well-being. You can also have fun figuring out how to prepare kava to fit your style and taste.

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