Liquid Kava Extract

Root of Happiness

Liquid Kava Extract - Alcohol Free - 1oz

$ 18.00

Liquid Kava Extract
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Root of Happiness

Liquid Kava Extract - Alcohol Free - 1oz

$ 18.00

The Finest, Strongest Liquid Kava Extract in the World

  • Alcohol Free Glycerine Base lends palatability and no burning
  • Premium, hand selected roots from Noble variety Kavas
  • Grown without Chemical fertilizers or pesticides
  • Produced in a state of the art Facility
  • Unheard of 100mg of Kavalactones per 1ml serving
  • 5 times the strength of standard Kava tinctures

        Our Quality Starts With Root Selection!

        We use hand selected, premium Noble variety Kava roots to make our Kava tincture, not leftover scraps and chips or undesirable cultivars such as “Tudei”.  Our Kava is then thoroughly washed and hand peeled in our state of the art facility before being air dried indoors, rather than being left outside to be sun dried.  Air drying preserves the Kavalactones while the UV rays and heat from the sun degrades them. 

        Our Proprietary Processing Method Achieves Unheard of Potency 

        After drying, a certificate of analysis is performed on the roots, which tests for potency, as well as pesticides, microbiological and heavy metal contaminants.  Once the roots are certified by third party, independent labs, they are extracted through a process called “cold distillation,” which extracts 95%+ of the Kavalactones from the roots.  Simple tincturing can only extract 25-30% of the kavalactones from Kava.  Our unique process uses low temperature and cycles pure alcohol through the root several times before reducing the volume of the Kava extract until a saturation point is reached.  That saturation point is an astonishing 100mg of Kavalactones per 1ml!  This is to say that we are able to make our product 5 times the potency of even the best available Kava tincture!

        The Finished Product

        Our final product is reduced to 0% alcohol content and is made into a glycerine base.  As such, it does not burn the mouth, and the taste is sweet, unlike most Kava tinctures or Kava extract, which taste horrendous and are made with 75% alcohol.  The result is an incredibly potent, no-burn, palatable, strongest Kava extract product that is made from Premium hand selected roots from varieties prized for their desirable properties.

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