Root of Happiness KavaShot™ - 500mg Kavalactones in a 2 oz shot!

Root of Happiness KavaShot™ - 500mg Kavalactones in a 2 oz shot!

Root of Happiness KavaShot™ 500mg Kavalactones Kava Shots

We've seen many bottled Kava beverages over the years that have come and gone (failed) for one reason or another.  Some have tasted horrible, some have lacked potency, some have had shelf stability problems, and still others have had a nasty combination of these shortcomings. Kava is a complicated plant to put into a bottle as there are many problems that can go wrong due to kava's unique makeup.  This explains why in the past 3,000 years of kava usage, there have been very few products to have actually made it to market and even fewer that have stayed there for any length of time.  

For the purpose of this article, and without naming names, companies who produce inferior Kava Shots (usually targeting the smoke shop industry) will be referred to here on out as the "Kava Clowns".

KavaShots™ Vs. The Kava Clowns 50X Product

The Root of Happiness KavaShot™ has overcome all of the hurdles that have plagued its predecessors and is superior in every way to the the Kava Clown's products.  You'll hear ridiculous claims of 50X potency, or Organically extracted "Kava alkaloids", "Kavalactoids", "Kavalones" or any other number of ridiculous, uneducated claims about why their products are worth buying, but lets take a look at the facts.

Potency - Where Kava Clown's products lack potency, our KavaShot™ packs 500mg of noble Kavalactones. Thanks to Polynesian Gold™ extraction technology we're able to provide 2 X 250mg servings of noble chemotype Kavalactones in each bottle, more than enough potency to satisfy even the experienced kava drinker.

Solubility- No one wants to drink a bunch of clumpy, gritty, or slimy, particles at the end of their drink! Unlike Kava Klown beverages that use cheap Chinese made acetone-based extracts that are insoluble in water, our water soluble extracts won't clump up or separate out of the beverage.

Flavor - Other kava shot products are produced with cheap, ready-made Kava extracts that are made from peelings and low grade material that isn't suitable for drinking.  The poor quality that goes into these extracts is reflected in the taste. Since high quality Vanuatu roots go into making our beverage, the result is a mild flavor that pairs easily with our all natural tropical mango flavoring!

We're excited and proud to launch our KavaShots™ product.  We've been in the Kava industry for over a decade and this product is the result of YEARS of continuous refinement.  We know you'll enjoy all of the hard work and love that we've put into this one.

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