10 Tips to Manage Kava Safety

10 Tips to Manage Kava Safety

Kava is an excellent product for those of you who need a little extra help relaxing at the end of the day. Drinking kava can not only help you feel calm, it can make you feel euphoric while still letting you maintain mental clarity.

Before you run out to the next kava supplier or kava bar, look at the kava safety tips below.

10 Kava Safety Tips

Kava has many benefits, however it is still important to understand how to use kava safely. These 10 kava safety tips will help you properly consume, and benefit from kava.

  • Do Not Mix With Other Medications
  • Use Kava Root
  • Understand Reverse Tolerance
  • Learn Your Dosage
  • Do Not Mix With Alcohol
  • Don't Mix With Other Herbs
  • Avoid Driving
  • Know How to Prepare Kava

Below, we go into detail about each of these 10 kava safety tips to ensure you have the best possible experience with kava.

10 Kava Safety Tips | Root of Happiness

Don’t Mix with Other Medications

If you are on prescription medications, avoid drinking kava until you have consulted with a physician. The reason is because kava can enhance the effects of some prescription medications. Sometimes, too much of something can be dangerous.

For instance, narcotics such as opiates have sedating effects. Kava also has sedating effects. If you take two potent substances together, you will become overly sedated and possibly unable to function. It's important to understand the effects of current medication, and how it will interact with kava.

Make Sure it is From the Root

Good kava is extracted from the root of the piper methysticum plant. It is harvested in the South Pacific Islands by farmers. They pound the root into a powder form and prepare it for shipping around the world.

To ensure kava safety, you want to consume kava that is prepared from the root. You will know if you consume bad or ignoble kava because you will experience nausea, headaches, even vomiting.

Know About Reverse Tolerance

Reverse tolerance may happen with beginner kava drinkers. It basically means you may not feel any effects the first few times you drink kava.

In some, kava needs to build up in your system before you begin experiences the full effects. This can take a few days or weeks. Don’t give up on kava, though. Once you start feeling the effects, you will realize it was worth the wait.

Not all kava drinkers experience reverse tolerance, and it's important to understand what this is before trying kava for the first time. If you do not feel the effects of kava after the first use, continue to be patient. 

Learn Your Dosage

Your kava dosage may be different than others. It is recommended to start with no more than 300 milligrams at first until you know how kava affects you. When you become a regular user, you will be able to adjust your dosage based on the effect you are seeking. To ensure kava safety, you want to learn how much kava to consume to reach your desired effects. Although it is extremely unlikely to become addicted or overdose, it's still best practice. 

Kavalactones are the components within the kava root that determine the effect you will receive. There are many combinations of kavalactones. Reactions can include relaxation, sedation, mental clarity, alertness, euphoria, and deep sleep, to name a few.

Do Not Drink with Alcohol

Many people compare alcohol and kava but the truth is, they are totally different. Alcohol alters your brain which impairs your thinking, judgments and overall decision-making skills. Alcohol can cause hangovers due to dehydration and sometimes due to drinking in excess.

Kava gives you a relaxed, euphoric feeling. It helps you become sociable without hindering mental abilities. In fact, you remain mentally alert while drinking kava.

Do Not Mix with Other Herbs

There are many great alternative medicines on the market today that are readily available. Benefits vary but each can have a positive effect on your body.

However, just because they are beneficial, does not mean you should mix them with kava. Make sure you are aware of the effects that your alternative medicines and how they may interact with kava. Talking to a naturopath may be a wise step to sure kava safety before using.

Do Not Kava and Drive

Kava gives you an excellent experience. It can help you sleep better at night and can make you feel euphoric. Kava boosts your mood while easing muscle tension. It helps you feel relaxed and calm.

All these are great benefits. However, they are not good if you get behind the wheel. Being overly sedated or sleepy and choosing to drive a vehicle is simply dangerous. Do not drink kava and drive.

Correct Preparation

If you choose to purchase kava in root form, there is a specific way to prepare it. In fact, in root form, there is only one way to prepare it so you receive the best effects.

For the last three thousand years, the root has been pounded into powder form. How you choose to pound it is up to you but quality suppliers offer tools to help you.

Once the root is pounded into a powder, wrap the powder in a kava strainer bag or cloth and dip it into a liquid. Most use water or coconut milk. Squeeze the mixture to strain the liquid from the mixture. What is strained is what you will drink.

For more tips and advice on drinking kava, don’t hesitate to ask questions. Asking questions gives you knowledge and helps with kava safety. This knowledge can help you determine if you are using good kava and at the right dosage for your desired effect.

The more you know, the safer your kava drinking experience will be.

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