Benefits of Kava Paste

Benefits of Kava Paste

Kava comes in many forms. While most people drink it as a tea, you can also buy it in supplement, micronized, ready-mix or instant and even kava paste.

Kava paste is becoming so popular with consumers because it has many benefits. Keep reading to find out how kavalactones, effects, dosage and other benefits apply. But let’s first start with an understanding kava paste.

What is Kava Paste?

Kava paste is like other products in concentrated paste form. It is a powder mixed with a small amount of water to form a gooey paste. Think toothpaste, only with a brownish color. Oh, and it doesn’t clean your teeth. What it does, however, is make you feel great.

What makes you feel so great are the kavalactones in kava paste.

Kavalactones in Paste

In kava teas and mixes, not all the kavalactones available are used. Instead, they are mixed and matched to produce varying effects in each type. In kava paste, all kavalactones are used in some way. This gives it the strongest form of kava. It’s like “The Hulk” of kava products.

Desmethoxyyangonin is labeled with a “1”. Brain chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin increase when triggered by the kavalactone desmethoyyangonin. It can make you feel happier, even giving you a feeling of euphoria. It does this without interrupting your ability to focus and maintain attention.

Dihydrokavain is “2” in the list of kavalactones. This component enhances GABA chemicals in the brain. Gaba is responsible for enhancing immunity and relaxing you during periods of feeling overwhelmed.

Yangonin is listed as “3” and Kavain is “4”. These can work on the central nervous system to produce relaxing and calming effects. They are also said to help you get a good night’s sleep.

Kavain is often associated with some of the best types of kava to mix for drinking. Meaning, kava powders with the number “4” in the first two or three numbers identifying the chemotype will likely give you the best effects.

Dihydromethysticin is “5” and Methysticin is “6” in the lineup of kavalactones. Both increase serotonin chemicals in the brain. Many of the best kava varieties include either dihydromethysticin or methysticin in the first few numbers of the lineup.

What Are the Effects?

Kavalactones produce the relaxing effects in kava. After taking kava paste, you will start to feel the tension in your muscles fade away. You will feel calm, but not so much that you cannot function.

You will not be overwhelmed with sedation. Kava paste does not cause you to lose the ability to walk and talk. It may slow you down a little bit, but you remain fully functional.

Another effect of kava paste is that of restful sleep. It's calming and relaxing qualities allows you to have a deep sleep without interfering with REM sleep that is so important.

The reasons you may not be able to sleep can include worry, restlessness and racing thoughts. This helps you sleep by reducing the reasons you can’t fall asleep. It makes you just calm enough to fall into a deep sleep, but not so much you are overly sedated. Your brain still functions properly.

How to Use the Paste?

It’s easy. Kava paste is so simple you may wonder why you ever spent the time mixing and straining kava before.

You can eat the paste right out of the container. Just dip a small amount, a very small amount, up to three times a day. Within minutes you should begin to feel its effects.

It also does not have the terrible taste so many complain about when using the mixtures.

With this type of kava, you are getting the biggest bang for your buck. This is especially true when considering paste form can last up to a year if stored properly.

Kava Paste Dosage

Just like other kava products, the recommended dose of kava per day is 300 mg. However, because paste is higher in concentration, just a tiny bit, like the size of a pea, contains over 100 mg.

You can purchase kava paste with different kavalactone contents. For instance, you may choose to buy a version that just has kavain and dihydrokavain as ingredients. Or, you can choose a version that contains all the available kavalactones.

Based on the desired effect you are seeking, you will be able to purchase the right kava paste for your needs. Working with a reputable kava supplier is key.

Where to Find Kava Supplier

When choosing a kava paste supplier, you want to make sure they are professional suppliers who want you to enjoy your experience with kava. There are some suppliers who just want to make a quick buck.

Then there are the suppliers that want you to be repeat customers. They want to educate you on everything kava so you can know exactly how to take it, what to expect and what to do if it is not meeting your expectations.

You want a supplier that is accessible and can provide support. Your supplier should be an expert in all things kava. They should be able to teach you where your kava was harvested, its origins, and which strands are evident in the kava you purchase.

Kava has been around for centuries, offering benefits that cannot be compared to other herbs. Fortunately, kava harvesters have found multiple ways to mix kava so that it can be sold in many formats to the public.

Sampling all the varieties is the fun part. You can start today with kava paste.

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