How to Find the Best Kava Vendor for All Your Needs

How to Find the Best Kava Vendor for All Your Needs

A kava vendor is company or person who acquires kava and then resells it to the public. There are reputable kava vendors and then there are those who care less about their reputation and more about making money. It’s your job to determine the best kava vendor for you.

Treat it like a job interview. Dismiss the kava vendors who do not meet your standards and don’t feel bad about doing so.

It is up to you to research each kava vendor. But you don’t have to do this all by yourself.

To help you, we have listed specific qualities the best kava vendor suppliers exhibit. You can use this list during your search for a vendor. If you find a vendor that meets all these characteristics, then you have found the one who can meet your needs.

They Know Kava Origins

All kava originates from the South Pacific Islands including Vanuatu, Hawaii and Fiji. This is the only place where the true piper methysticum plant grows.

But just because the plant comes from the same region, each culture harvests and creates their own version of kava. Fiji kava can be slightly different than Hawaiian kava.

A good kava supplier will be able to tell you specifically where their kava originated.

They Work with the Best Kava Farmers

Kava vendors build relationships with the harvesters and wholesalers in the Pacific Islands. They have spent many hours distinguishing between reputable and shady kava suppliers.

A good kava vendor goes to great lengths to provide you, the customer, with the best product.

They avoid the farmers and harvesters that just want to make a quick dollar by selling less quality products for higher prices.

The best kava vendor checks references and reviews to find the highest quality farmer with the best kava extract.

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They are Members of The American Kava Association

The American Kava Association was developed to help ensure only good kava is distributed in the United States. It is an organization with members who are growers, vendors, distributors, and retailers. They have set quality control standards and lab testing of kava.

This association provides education to consumers who are looking to learn how to purchase and use kava. They provide the latest kava research. They also update a watch list of kava vendors to avoid.

The American Kava Association is a great resource for everyone associated with kava, from farmer to consumer, and everyone in between. To find the best kava vendor for your needs, you want to make sure that they are members of the American Kava Association.

They Offer Many Varieties

Kava does not just come in plant form. In fact, when harvested, the root of the piper methysticum plant is pounded into powder form to preserve it so that it can be shipped around the world.

While kava powder is the most popular product, manufacturers have found creative ways to process and sell kava. For instance, there are kava capsules, concentrate, and mixes that people like to enjoy as well. This may be because the taste of kava in the powder form is less than tasty.

Kava drinks that are pre-made and sold in liquid form are also available. Kava tea is a best-selling product. This makes preparation simple and quick. You simply steep the kava tea bag in hot water and consume.

Kava paste is another product that is rising in popularity. The thick paste form gives you a higher concentration in a much smaller dose.

They Know the Right Dose

Knowing the right dosage of kava to consume is something that the best kava vendor and supplier should know. The recommended dose for a person is no more than 300 mg each day. Some choose to spread this 300 mg throughout the day, drinking 100mg three times a day.

Over doing it with kava can make you feel very sedated. The stronger the kava, the more sedated you will be. Kava vendors should know how much a newbie user should take versus a long-time user.

They Can Explain Effects

There are many great effects that follow drinking kava. Vendors should be able to tell you exactly what to expect from using kava. Vendors should know their stuff.

They should be able to tell you why kava makes you feel the way it does, because of the kavalactones within the kava root extracted.

There are many kavalactones. However, only a few contribute to certain effects. Kavalactone types with the best effects include dihydromethysticin, kavain, dihydrokavain, and yangonin.

These can make you feel sedated but also happy to socialize and you remain clear headed.

They Can Tell You the Difference Between Kava and Alcohol

The main difference between kava and alcohol is the ability to remain mentally alert. Alcohol can make some feel relaxed, yes. But alcohol also clouds the mind and impairs judgement. Kava does just the opposite.

It has been used for centuries to help villagers open their minds to receive communications from their Gods. It has also been used before, during and after major celebrations and rituals, aiding in positive social mingling.

In more recent times, kava is used to help people destress each day. Yet, it still allows them to be functioning and valuable in social settings.

Many of the best kava vendors also have kava lounges or bars. They recognize the need for people to have an alternative place to go to relax, other than a bar. So, they provide this location to bring together people with similar needs.

Choosing the best kava vendor for you will be a lot less difficult using this checklist. So go ahead, start your research today.

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