The Best Way Of Drinking Kava?

Enjoying Kava should be easy, so why not make Kava easy? We pondered that question and we are pleased to introduce a simpler way to enjoy Kava, no soaking or straining required. Just open, pour, and mix into your favorite beverage to enjoy that instant relaxation. What makes our Instant Kava superior to the “other guys” is that instead of “micronizing” Kava root into a nauseating, gritty, fibrous powder, we’ve developed our own method that removes the fiber and makes for a smooth, creamy, beverage that still retains its potency. That means no more nausea, no more upset stomach, and all the benefits of a great tasting Kava.  At 9% Kavalactone content, it dwarfs your standard issue Instant Kava out there.  Go ahead, see for yourself and try to find a higher quality Instant Kava.

How the Root of Happiness compares to other Kava brands

Kava Liquid Extract
Root Of Happiness Brand G Brand HP Brand VW
Alcohol Content
Up to 75%
Up to 93%
Potency per ml
Not Provided
Retail Price per unit
$16 $15 $14 $16
Price per 100 mg Serving
Kava extract capsules        
Root Of Happiness Brand G Brand HP Brand VW
Kavalactones per capsule
Not Provided
Retail Price per unit
$26 $30 $20 $22
Price per 250mg Serving

Welcome to the Root of Happiness!

We're proud to bring you 3,000 years of tradition, in the form of Kava Kava. We import and process large quantities of Kava from Hawaii, Fiji, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, to make our premium and superior Raw Kava Powders.

We also take that Kava and use it to develop new products like our paste and extracts, which deliver the same potent effects of kava in a conveniently small package. Each bottle of extract is like 20 shells!

We also manage the premier kava bars and lounges in the world, providing you with a relaxing atmosphere so you can escape from the worries of your hectic life without having to leave the country, saving you thousands of dollars on flights!