The Best Way Of Drinking Kava?

Enjoying Kava should be easy, so why not make Kava easy? We pondered that question and we are pleased to introduce a simpler way to enjoy Kava, no soaking or straining required. Just open, pour, and mix into your favorite beverage to enjoy that instant relaxation. What makes our Instant Kava superior to the “other guys” is that instead of “micronizing” Kava root into a nauseating, gritty, fibrous powder, we’ve developed our own method that removes the fiber and makes for a smooth, creamy, beverage that still retains its potency. That means no more nausea, no more upset stomach, and all the benefits of a great tasting Kava.  At 9% Kavalactone content, it dwarfs your standard issue Instant Kava out there.  Go ahead, see for yourself and try to find a higher quality Instant Kava.

New Lower Shipping Prices on Smaller Orders!

We know you love the Root of Happiness product line, we see it in our daily orders.  We can't help but to feel bad for having to charge $6-$7 to ship a single bag of Kava or Kava concentrate to those of you that order one bag at a time.  We're happy to introduce...


Now rather than paying $6-$7 for shipping on small orders, its down to $3-$4!  Enjoy your Kava and your savings.


How the Root of Happiness compares to other Kava brands

Kava Liquid Extract
Root Of Happiness Brand G Brand HP Brand VW
Alcohol Content
Up to 75%
Up to 93%
Potency per ml
Not Provided
Retail Price per unit
$16 $15 $14 $16
Price per 100 mg Serving
Kava extract capsules        
Root Of Happiness Brand G Brand HP Brand VW
Kavalactones per capsule
Not Provided
Retail Price per unit
$26 $30 $20 $22
Price per 250mg Serving

In The News! - A New Kind of Bar - Folsom Telegraph

We were please to see this in the local news paper!  Thanks for the piece!

"As the drink took effect I relaxed and enjoyed the tiki style carvings, the ornate wooden spears and low lighting of the establishment from a comfortable chair, soaking it all in. The bar’s atmosphere was miles away from that of a pub. Upbeat alternative and reggae music played at a low enough volume to facilitate conversation and acted as a sonic backdrop to the scene. The bar space was filled with patrons as were the booths. A giant Jenga block game was also available."


In The News! - Fijian Agriculture President Drinks Kava at Root of Happiness

Not to brag or anything but every time the Fijian Government comes to California, they drive hundreds of miles to come to the Root of Happiness to drink Kava.  No big deal.

The Acting Permanent Secretary for Agriculture -Uraia Waibuta along with his delegation of other Fijian ministers and PHAMA came to visit our bar.

"Mr Waibuta said that one of their highlights was the visit to a modernized Kava Bar in Sacramento called the ‘Root of Happiness Kava Bar’.

“This is Northern California’s first Kava bar which opened its doors in March 2013 and has been frequented by the diverse American consumers.

“We have witnessed this very modernized set up of a Kava Bar. It has redefined the kava bar as we know it in Fiji. It is designed to target the American customers and its expanding market. Even more surprising was that the owner, Mr Tyler Blythe said 90 percent of his customers were Russians who were interested in the serene atmosphere and more importantly the soothing effect of kava drinks,” he said.

Mr Waibuta said that “to our amazement when walking in to meet the owner we noted the bar was already half full with customers drinking the various kinds of Kava beverages served.”

Mr Blythe who is the head of the American Kava Association said that all Kava entering the United States will need to be cleared by the Food & Drugs Administration (FDA), analyzed of its chemical compositions, especially the Kavalactone level, to ensure that products served to the customers are safe for consumption and meet customer satisfaction.

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In The News - "Meet Kava Tea" - Eater Magazine

We love the quote from this article, "It is a place where you go to work on yourself"

"Root of Happiness, Davis and Rancho Cordova, CA: A well-designed, tiki-style lounge with two locations just outside of Sacramento. The menu is broad, including basic kava, daily mixed specials, kava smoothies and shots. There's also a small food menu, tea, coffee, kombucha, and other kava-free health drinks. 211 F St, Davis, CA 95616 and 1949 Zinfandel Dr, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670"


In The News! "Just Your Cup of Tea" UC Davis Aggie

We're honored to be featured alongside Temple Coffee who are consistently ranked in the top 10 Coffee Roasters in the Country by CoffeeReview.com


From the Article:

Root of Happiness Kava Bar, another shop in Davis that serves an unconventional form of tea, bases its entire menu on a particular kind of “tea” made from steeping kava root in water. Ava Taesali, assistant manager of the bar, explained the intricacies of kava and its benefits as a tea.

“The kava plant comes from the South Pacific Islands, such as Hawaii, Fiji and Samoa, and has a lot of natural anti-anxiety and relaxation properties to help soothe the brain and muscles,” Taesali said. “There’s a lot of benefits to drinking kava but mainly it is just going to make you feel really happy and good without any fogginess in the head.” 

Pacific island cultures have been consuming kava for over 3,000 years because of its positive effect on the mind and spirit. After drinking kava, people can expect to instantly feel relaxed not only in the body but also in the mind, as well as ready to socialize with anyone they meet.

Whether students are looking to relax after a long day of classes or simply change up their daily routine, Temple and Root of Happiness are leaders in providing nontoxic, exotic and sustainably grown teas to help students achieve this. 

Written by: Gillian Allen — features@theaggie.org